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F1 Test Drivers Archive moves to WGP

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My GF1 colleague Scott Russell has kept an archive of all known F1 test drivers at his site Chequered Flag Motorsport for the past few years. It is a comprehensive list which has taken many man hours to reach the level it is at, and I am sure there are more names to add. I have been helping build it up in recent years but it is important to acknowledge that he did the bulk of the early work

Unfortunately real life has got in the way for Scott and he has decided to close CFM, so with his permission, the F1 Test Drivers Archive will now be displayed and updated here instead. I will also be adding the articles I contributed to CFM here as well

Thanks to Scott for his hard work in maintaining his site and the archive, and allowing me to receive the baton. I don’t know of any test driver archive as big as this so I plan on continuing to update it for as long as possible


Written by James Bennett

December 23, 2010 at 22:41

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