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Ought to talk about the latest goings-on in F1 too:

– Kimi’s move to rallying is great news for the WRC. This is the biggest boost to them for 6 years as they will instantly attract a whole new host of fans. Kimi himself will probably do OK – he’ll have a Citroen C4 so he’ll be in the points as long as he doesn’t bin it, whether he’s slow or not. Can’t see him winning any rallies any time soon, though

– Sauber are back! The former Most Boring Team in F1’s return has been greeted with great enthusiasm from everyone. I don’t think I’ve heard many bad words about Peter Sauber in my time following F1 so his return is a boost for the sport, especially those who love the indie teams. And if the car is good, the sky’s the limit…

– The rumours are building momentum about a potential return for a Mr J Villeneuve. It would be great to see him back in F1, even if he was hopeless. He is one of the great characters of the modern era and we need drivers like him to keep things interesting. I think he’ll surprise people on track too

– I really hope Renault sell to Prodrive instead of Genii/Gravity. Investment companies should be a no go area. The problem is Ghosn and co seem to like the idea of someone else owning and running the team on their behalf – which would be a nice idea if it wasn’t an investment company. Plus I want to see Aston Martin F1

– And it’s gone very quiet over at US F1 lately. Since Lopez was announced as a potential driver if he could get the money, there have been no rumours, no interviews and no slightly dodgy and potentially Photoshopped pictures. This wouldn’t be so bad if the team hadn’t set themselves up for a big fall by saying they would be media-friendly from the outset. They only have themselves to blame for the cynicism and YouTube parodies


Written by James Bennett

December 5, 2009 at 14:01

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