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Official F1 2010 Entry List

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We have an entry list

Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro – Ferrari
Scuderia Toro Rosso – STR-?
Red Bull Racing – Red Bull-?
AT&T Williams – Williams-Toyota
Force India F1 Team – Force India-Mercedes
Campos Grand Prix – Campos-Cosworth
Manor Grand Prix – Manor-Cosworth
Team US F1 – US F1-Cosworth
Vodafone McLaren Mercedes* – McLaren-Mercedes
BMW Sauber F1 Team* – BMW Sauber
Renault F1 Team* – Renault
Panasonic Toyota Racing* – Toyota
Brawn GP Formula One Team* – Brawn-Mercedes

*These five teams have submitted conditional entries.The FIA has invited them to lift those conditions following further discussions to be concluded not later than close of business on Friday 19 June.

The maximum number of cars permitted to enter the 2010 Championship has been increased to 26, two being entered by each competitor. Pending completion of the discussions referred to above, further due diligence is currently taking place on other potential entries.


Manor’s a surprise. Had heard they were linked – apparently it’s the team Nick Wirth is working with. No places for Lola, Prodrive, Lotus, Brabham, EE or Superfund, it seems. And notice Ferrari and the Red Bull teams aren’t provisional, with the other 5 having to make their minds up by a week from today (expect that to be waived if necessary).


Written by James Bennett

June 12, 2009 at 11:02

Posted in F1, F1 politics, F1 teams

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