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And now March attempt to return

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It’s inevitable that not all the candidates for 2010 will be particularly serious. Case in point – F1 Live reports that the owner of the March name, Andrew Fitton, has entered a team. Fitton is the man who bought the March team after it pulled out of F1 after the 1992 season and later wound it up. Now, though, it seems he wants a piece of the action, and has submitted an entry to the man who co-founded and ran March to start with. Trying to tempt him, perhaps?

Anyway, it’s even less likely to happen than Litespeed, or at least on the surface, although of course they could have something doing out of the spotlight.

So, now that he’s entered, are we to expect David Hunt to announce he has entered Lotus, and Stoddart to announce Minardi’s return, and EJ likewise? How about the re-emergence of Brabham while we’re at it by whoever owns that name these days? What are Vanwall up to these days?


Written by James Bennett

May 31, 2009 at 19:51

Posted in F1, F1 teams

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